Whiten your teeth while you tan! Our teeth whitening system includes gel application (up to 12 applications) with a comfortable mouthpiece that is worn while you tan. Don’t have time to tan? The kit also includes handheld whitening light for home use as well, all in one kit. We also carry gel refills.

Step 1 – Just before your tanning session, insert mouth piece comfortably in mouth. Lips should be wrapped around edge and teeth visible through the centre of the mouthpiece.

Step 2 – Apply Twilight Teeth Whitening Gel to all visible teeth by brushing them with the wand provided.

Step 3 – Lay down in the tanning bed and tan as you normally would.

– After tanning session remove mouth piece. No rinsing for 15 minutes.

Includes bonus gift LED whitening light for use at home.

Has been found most effective during tanning sessions 6-15 minutes long.

  • No eating or drinking for 15 minutes after your tanning session.
  • Best effective when teeth are clean.
  • Each box lasts about 10-12 whitening sessions.
  • Wintergreen mint flavor.